Aurélien CILLER




Born in Marseilles in 1984, lives and and work in Marseilles since 2020.

Independent editor at A.C. Photo Editions since 2015.

Co-founder of the European Art Collective Wer Ulysses and Member of Association France-Danemark in Paris.


Aurélien started photography with the creation of +RIEL press agency in 2007 where he analyzed how interactions between individuals develop in our society. Since 2011, he is favoring slower shooting techniques and tends to overpass the traditional medium of photography by using unconventional printing techniques, e.g. printing on brushed aluminum for one of his first main exhibition Mystique in London, January 2018.


Observing people’s social behaviour and urban landscapes while travelling through Europe led him to produce several photo series and to develop his artistic network. It triggered him to create the Wer Ulysses art collective in 2013 whose goal was to gather young photographers from Europe around the thematic of wandering. The first group show he curated took place in Marseilles, followed by a tour of exhibitions in Europe with a last stop in Porto in November 2015.


Aurélien is also involved in book publishing. He registered as an independent editor in September 2015. His aim is to work with other photographers and writers to create collaborative art books. For Exotic Marseille, he invited a Spanish artist to compare their two photographic points of view on the same city. The publication was selected to be launched during the FRAC PACA Festival in April 2016. His last project from 2020 TROP DE SUN A MARSEILLE consists of a dialogue between images of local sceneries and writers from all around France that intends to address the power of the sun in Marseille and describe their feeling about the city.



TROP DE SUN A MARSEILLE @ Galerie de Thorigny, Paris (Mai 2022)

L’Objet & le Temps @ Maison Archik, Paris (Mars 2022)

SPLASH OF MAYHEM @ Galerie Motu (Nov 2021)

Mythiques @ Galerie Solarium, Marseille (Juin - Juillet 2021)

Corniche Kennedy @ Chateau Promicea / PQMV, Marseille (Mai 2021)

Performance orale, Anneberg KulturPark, Danemark (Novembre 2020)

TROP DE SUN A MARSEILLE @ Institut Français / Ambassade de France au Danemark, Copenhague (Octobre 2020)

Festival ETE INDIEN @ Vaste Horizon, Arles (Septembre 2020)

APPARITIONS PHOCÉENNES @ FOTOHAUS ParisBerlin, Arles (Rencontres de la Photographie Programme Voies Off - Jul/Aout 2019)

MARS - COPENHAGUE CONNEXIONS @ Galerie Agnès b. (Mai - Juin 2019)

MARS - COPENHAGUE CONNEXIONS @ KULTURTAARNET på Knippelsbro, Copenhague (Dec 2018)

MYSTIQUE – Festival Photo’Aix, Aix-en-Pce (4 Oct – 10 Nov 2018)

MYSTIQUE – Caravanserail, Londres (4 – 31 Jan 2018)

La SAGA – DOUBLE V Gallery, Marseille (10 Nov – 23 Dec 2017)

Pièce à Vivre – POC, Marseille (20 Mai – 31 Juil 2017)

İstanbul Fotograf Kitabi Festivali #2 – FUAM, Istanbul (Avril 2017)

Festival REBEL REBEL – FRAC PACA, Marseille (Mars 2016)

INNER ART – Atelier MERAKI, Paris (Sept 2016)

Wer Ulysses : Wanderers - Tournée européenne (2014 - 2015)




2020 : Trop de Sun à Marseille

2018 : Marseille - Copenhague Connexions avec Casper Christoffersen

2018 : “Mystiques” Catalogue d’exposition

2017 : Délaissés

2016 : Exotic Marseille avec Milena Villalon (Isbn : 9782955421314)

2015 : Are you a wanderer ? Catalogue d’exposition, Collectif

2015 : Formes Urbaines avec Casper Christoffersen

AC Colombe d'or 2020.jpg


His latest Trop de Sun project in Marseille allows him to collaborate with writers to whom he gives carte blanche to talk about their experience of the city. He is also passionate about reading the texts he produces during performances in France and abroad.