Francesca Sangiorgi


Born in Sicily in 1980, catapulted to France at the age of 14, Francesca studied applied art on the heights of Nice before settling in Paris and starting a career as artistic director in a communication agency.

Drawing has always been the best way for her to express her dreams and torments, to make fun of difficult situations. This talent will remain hidden until his first exhibition in 2016 in Paris. Since then she has continued to express herself mainly in Indian ink, but also on cut-out wooden supports, on walls and in the street with chalk.



Tempesta - Francesca Sangiorgi


“Flying fish, living robots… dead, female creatures, neither women nor girls, cats from the past. These mysterious beings and others inhabit the works of Francesca Sangiorgi. Born on an island, Sicily, Francesca carries within her all the power of the sea, a stormy sea that brings to the surface fragments of the past, a sea where improbable boats defy the waves, lose and find their way back. In his works, we feel the wind in the hair of those who go to sea. A black and white torn by a bright red where dream and reality, past and present, hardness and joy of living, childhood and adulthood, photography and drawing , dance in a mysterious and fascinating harmony. "

Francesca's art has the power to touch the strings of the soul of the beholder. A feeling of melancholy but at the same time of rebirth invests the observer who lets himself be carried away by the waves. Life seen with eyes that saw beautiful and less beautiful fragments of life but which kept children in astonishment. Francesca's universe laughs at difficulties and ridicules them, staying true to herself in good and bad spells.
Dreamlike reality and urban reality come together in a perfect balance in which creatures, extrapolated from their natural context, are catapulted into environments that are foreign to them and to which they are forced to adapt.