La galerie de Thorigny ouvre ses portes aux artistes hors-cadres, hors-formats et hors-frontières. Répensée par Esma Derdour, la galerie de Thorigny présente au public des oeuvres à penser, à admirer et à vivre, à ramener chez soi ou à offrir.

Yes you read that correctly. In today’s ep, I am joined by perfumer, olfactive artist, and DJ, Maxwell Williams. We discuss what anal actually smells like (spoiler alert: he created a perfume inspired by the deed), why anal is (in fact) for everyone, the appeal of animalic scents, Fragrantica trolls and we why secretly love them, and how human sex pheromones are not a thing… yet. Maxwell discusses how getting in touch with himself helped him cultivate his sense of smell and vice versa, and how for him, fragrance is an expression of extroversion. I also take the audience on a rollercoaster of my tumultuous relationship with Abercrombie & Fitch. Basically, we cum full circle.