Jasper Huang


Born in Taiwan in 1978, Jasper HUANG is a former fashion designer recognized in his country. He has exhibited his creations since 2006 all over the world.


2016-2018 | National Chengchi University
MBA Innovation in Cultural & Creative and ICT Industries Section
1994-1996 | Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School / Art and Design section
1991-1993 | Tainan Nanxin National High School / Majoring in Fine Arts


2016 | TSAI ING EWN President Office. Consultant for Cultural Creativity
2016 | Creative Expo Taiwan - Curator for International Fashion Industry


2018 | Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Artists' Exhibition
2017 | Fubon Art Foundation - 20th Anniversary Artists' Exhibition
2015 | Exhibition at HAOHAUS Art gallery
2015 | Adidas Originals Superstar X Superstar by JASPER
2014 | Shanghai K11 Art Center exhibition by ORANGE Magazine
2011 | Curator / artist to "Renaissance in Tamsui" at Tamsui Art Gallery
2011 | Video installation - Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA Taipei
2009 | CowParade, Taipei. Creation Exhibition
2006 | Taipei Artist Village solo exhibition



Flesh and Soul - Jasper Huang

"All of my work is based on 'the study of human behavior', and in particular the issues that revolve around traditional and modern life.
I wonder about the greed of human nature and the projection of desire.

I try to invite the public to discuss my work as objectively as possible. Thus, only the viewer decides the degree of intensity of desire in my achievements.

We are different in our habits, however, it seems that we have the same quests which are often related to the material things of life, power, money, sex…. These secondary needs occupy a primary place in human DNA and no one seems to be immune.

Since ancient times, mankind has learned to hunt animals to satisfy its appetite and to pillage land to establish symbols of power and status.

In ancient Rome, warriors of high rank, as well as part of the nobility, wore muscular breastplates adorned with mythological scenes. They were the projection of an idealized human body and symbolizing their supremacy over the enemy. Even today, living in opulence and exhibiting it remains the most universal way if one wishes to become the object of all desires.

According to historians, the importance of desire dates back to the earliest sounds made by man to signify his desire for the flesh. "

I combine the concept of perspective, light and shadow of Western painting with the mood and philosophy of Eastern painting and translate this combination into colored ink.

I draw most of my inspiration from my life experience. I look for the link with modern civilization in antique museum paintings, thus pursuing the philosophical meaning of my art, mixing the real with the unreal as in a dream.

In my paintings I use tea and coffee to stain the background, interpreting the unconscious desire that drives human beings every day. I choose delicate and hard silk as the main material for my paintings. Choosing this work medium is not only a way to highlight the essence of the East, but it is also the most symbolic material of my personality.


This is because the flow of pigments, traces, air bubbles produced by the process of breathing the canvas and the shrinkage of the silk caused by the process of drying the ink, all express the changes of desire. in our daily life.

In my work, you can interpret distant desire as a veil. It’s like a mountain or a wispy cloud in the distance, or like a dream that cannot be easily interpreted… but sometimes it’s bold, naked and presented in a bright way.