Nadia Ferroukhi


Pauline Angotti is a textile artist. Born in 1983 and graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 2009, Pauline lives and works in Paris and IDF. His workshop is established at 6b, a place of creation, residence and artistic dissemination located in St Denis.


Empreinte Voluptueuse

From contact, an imprint is born. The memory of the body's shape on the mattress is deeply inscribed, night after night, like an intaglio print or like the counterform of a molding. Each trace left on the sensitive surface is linked to the object imprinted on it. The mattress is no longer the receptacle of the body, it becomes a body, a fragment of the body which deconstructs the origin and the anatomical totality of the body.


Following an apprenticeship in a traditional bedding and upholstery workshop, Pauline appropriates artisanal quilting techniques to sculpt bodies made of fabric and wadding. Embroidery and silkscreen printing enliven the surface of the volumes shaped by the tension of cords and seams.

Tight and constrained quilted busts, soft relief paintings of nudes, sculpted foam bodies, are all techniques used to reveal the aesthetics of carnal and voluptuous bodies.

Contemporary interpretation of classical sculptures or bas-reliefs carved in stone, this universe of hypnotic and erotic forms questions the relationship to the fetishized body and its representations.