Sandrine Lehagre


After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Rennes and at the University of Paris VII where she wrote a dissertation on Robert Filliou, Sandrine Lehagre was a resident for 10 years at 6b in Saint Denis and now lives in Rennes. She continues a meditation on the infinite sign, crossed by the pneuma, this breath evoked by the Greeks as the vital principle. She can thus "dream of the dark" during performances by embodying it in space at the same time as writing it every day with pen for four years, immersing herself in the "poetics of white" of paper.

Her work evokes our relationship to time from the present moment to duration, drawing its sources from the history of scriptures, prehistory and the feminine. A member of the Corpus in Act association, she has presented performances at festivals and is part of the Co-lapsus collective. For the past ten years, she has been carrying out work that questions the history of women and its repeated erasure. This work was exhibited during the Mois de la photo du Grand Paris, at the Rencontres Photographiques du 10è arrondissement and at the Voies off of the Rencontres d´Arles.



- Continuité -


"Lose the thread, hold it back, unwind it, cut in the right place, pull to continue, hold the right end, the one that invents and manifests the passage of suspended time.

The CONTINUITY exhibition combines the work of Sarah Cohen, Sandrine Lehagre and Delphine Zingg, three personal stories tracing imaginary maps, which are traversed to the rhythms of repetitive gestures involved in the acts of sewing, drawing, sculpting or photographing.

Questioning the feminine, these forms, these words, these desires unite in the need to be anchored, embroidering point by point around the void. "