Sarah Cohen


Sarah Cohen lives and works in Montreuil and Fontenay-sous-Bois. After training in Video at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, she turned to a practice of sculpture at the Beaux-Arts workshops in the City of Paris and discovered morphogenesis with Sylvie Lejeune. His approach is part of a variety of practices and supports: paper, fabric, resin, mineral and organic materials, to which the gestures of floating, burning, imprinting, etc. are applied. a residency in Japan opens up his practice to new notions such as fragility, artisanal practices, natural elements, enriching his recurring concerns which are the body as it is perceived and imagined.


Intimate, sometimes telluric, his work takes different forms in relation to matter and memory.



- Continuité -


"Lose the thread, hold it back, unwind it, cut in the right place, pull to continue, hold the right end, the one that invents and manifests the passage of suspended time.

The CONTINUITY exhibition combines the work of Sarah Cohen, Sandrine Lehagre and Delphine Zingg, three personal stories tracing imaginary maps, which are traversed to the rhythms of repetitive gestures involved in the acts of sewing, drawing, sculpting or photographing.

Questioning the feminine, these forms, these words, these desires unite in the need to be anchored, embroidering point by point around the void. "